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Regulations for Use of School Facilities

Wishing to encourage the broader use of the facilities of the Garnet Valley School District by the citizens and organizations of this district, the Board of School Directors establishes the following regulations for such use:

1. Classification of Users

A. Class 1- Includes, but is not limited to, clubs and organizations such as band/music boosters, athletic boosters, parents and educators associations and teacher-parent leagues, student clubs and organizations, and district employee organization.

B. Class 2 - Includes, but is not limited to, clubs and organizations such as district civic organizations, district youth organizations, district political organizations, and district educational groups.

C. Class 3 - Includes, but is not limited to, groups and/or organizations such as (1) non-public schools, (2) adult industrial recreation groups/athletic leagues, (3) religious organizations, and (4) profit-making organizations.

D. Class 4 – Includes, but not limited to, organizations that provide a service for the betterment of the Garnet Valley School District.

2. User Fees

A. Class 1 - No charge for facility use when custodial personnel are regularly on duty. If custodial personnel are not on duty, the user must pay for the cost of personnel to open the facility. Groups in this category may charge admissions without incurring a facilities usage charge when the purpose of the admission is to defray the cost from supporting the school sponsored activity.

B. Class 2 - Same as Class I, except that if an admission fee is charged the facility usage charges will be applicable.

C. Class 3 - Must pay the appropriate facilities usage charges.

D. Class 4– Facilities usage fees and insurance requirements will be pre - negotiated by the Director of Business and Support Services. Custodial overtime and security fees may still be applied at the regular rate.

3. Users Fee Schedule

Please see attached fee schedule

4. Required Liability Insurance

  • A. Groups and organizations falling into Classifications II and III must submit Certificate of Insurance with application for facility use. Facility usage will not be authorized without evidence of insurance. The said certificate shall include the Garnet Valley School District as an additional insured under the conditions and coverage of the policy. Coverage requirements for the use of facilities shall be:
    • General Liability (Bodily Injury and Property Damage) - $2,000,000

5. Application for Building Use for a Series of Meetings or Activities

A. An applicant / organization who seeks usage of a facility on a continuing basis, may file only one application listing all inpidual usage dates.

6. Restrictions

A. The possession and/or use of alcoholic beverages or other mood modifiers on school grounds or in school facilities are strictly forbidden.

B. Smoking is not permitted in any school facility. Effective July 1, 1994, smoking anywhere on any school property is prohibited and punishable by fine.

C. The user is accountable for the proper conduct of participants and spectators and shall remain on the premises until all other persons have vacated the premises.

D. Personal items of the user, such as equipment or stage sets, must be removed immediately following the activity.

E. All users must meet with the district's Facilities Manager prior to their usage and attend the Annual Facilities usage Meeting, to review the guidelines and procedures.

7. The Board of School Directors of the Garnet Valley School District reserves the right to waive all charges or portions thereof, when it is in the best interests of the school district and the citizens of the community.

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